Tuesday, April 6, 2010

guru siyag

Guru Siyag, a spiritual Guru from India who claims Vedic Philosophy to be complete science capable of solving problems of the World, arrives in USA Today.
Gurudev Ramlal Siyag, a spiritual Guru, propagator of Siddha Yoga, Discoverer of Spiritual Science’s ability to Solve every problem of the World, the Predictor of World War in march 2011 and Sharad Panwar as next Prime Minister of India after 2009 Indian elections, the Divine Supramental Force whose Physical body’s Inanimate (Lifeless)Photo is effecting Humans resulting in cure of diseases like Cancer and AIDS, getting rid of all sorts of drug and other addictions, aiming at the next or the complete development of Human Beings from present state full of miseries to a higher state of evolution to attain a Divine bodily form free from all miseries and limitations of present form of body, of course, all these benefits are absolutely Free of Cost.
The description about Gurudev Ramlal Siyag is never ending, as he is the one and only Non Commercial Spiritual Guru from India who is imparting Shaktipaat (Baptization) Initiation and Siddha Yoga Free of Cost to every Human Being, regardless of any barriers of Religion, Race, Country, Cast or Gender, without imposing any rules and regulations on the practitioner, aiming at Uniting the World to establish peace and harmony on Earth, forever.
After Initiation by Guru Siyag, the Practitioner is induced by Automatic (Kundalini) controlled Spiritual Meditation and Automatic Yoga (Kundalini controlled body movements to cure diseases), by Guru Siyag’s Siddha Yoga Method of Meditation.
Guru Siyag arrives on 5th May 2009 at Michigan, USA.
For more info about Guru Siyag’s scheduled Programs
To Scruitinize the reality and verify the truth about potential powers of Guru Siyag’s Siddha yoga method of meditation (Automatic Kundalini controlled spiritual meditation and Automatic Kundalini controlled Yoga body movements, one and only method of its kind in the World) just try the 15 min’s Experiment right now,
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